Keep track of your favorite places and remember the spots you never made it to!

Pinpointer lets you mark down geolocation markers, anywhere you want. Mark down the places you pass by and come back another time.

Ever passed by a restaurant/bar/shop that looked excellent, but you where unable to enter because of other comitments?

Add a quick pinpoint and come back another day





Be inspired

Looking for a new place to eat tonight? - Look no more, Pinpointer to the rescue

Pre define a radius of your current position and see all pinpoints within that radius. Filter these pinpoints by category and/or friends, tap to see tags and get outlined walking directions or text description.


Connect with friends

Share your favorite places with friends and get their Pinpoints on your map, add likes and/or comments. Tired of Tripadvisor and 1 million useless reviews? - Surely you trust more in your friends' judgement!

Travelling to a new city where you conveniently have a friend? Immediately get their favorite places on your device with one click walking directions - goodbye tourist traps!


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